Quiet Book Page Ideas

For some reason I was really intimidated to make a quiet book. It’s been on my DIY list for years and I was always too intimidated. I had started one for the girls but didn’t reinforce the felt, so the felt stretched and it didn’t turn out. This time I figured I would just go for it and try again and it turned out perfectly!

Supplies I needed:

  • Felt (I bought the base colour as a large sheet from Michaels and the rest were just small sheets from Michaels).
  • Ribbon, both thick and thin widths.
  • Googly eyes (bought from Dollarama)
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery thread
  • Hot glue
  • Beads
  • Sew on snaps or Velcro
  • Small zippers
  • Mini clothespins (bought a pack from Michaels)
  • Iron on interfacing

I won’t go through the project step by step, just because there’s so many ways you can go about it. But essentially I cut each page to be two pages wide and marked where the middle of each was.

I ironed on interfacing on to the back of each sheet then did a quick dab of hot glue just to hold the pieces I needed in place, then hand stitched around piece to secure them. Once everything was secured I used my machine to stitch around the edges, then hand stitched down the middle to attach all the pages.

Oila! All done!

This isn’t as detailed as my other DIY posts, but I didn’t take step by step photos and figured how everyone will put together their books differently. I really just wanted to share the ideas of what I did for the pages. So here you have it!

Thread the mouse through the cheese.
Apple picking.
Clothing/laundry sorting.
Colours and counting.
Help the frog catch the flies.
Teddy bear camping.
Thread the string through the beads.
Brush the hippos teeth.
Peas in a pod.

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